Join us on the last Monday of every month for storytelling for adults.

We have special evenings where storytelling stars perform full-length shows, programmed evenings featuring a variety of tellers and from-the-floor evenings where you can book a slot and share a tale.
We have featured some incredible storytellers and musicians so far and look forward to welcoming many more! 

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Sunday 26th March- 1pm to 5pm

Voice workshop with master of voice

Giles Abbott

This workshop is suitable for all who would like to improve their voice, from experienced performers to total beginners!Teachers, storytellers, actors... anyone! 

Have you ever wished your voice was richer, more resonant, more expressive? Good news - it is.  Your natural voice, which is not the habitual voice you currently think is your natural voice, is strong, supple, charismatic. 

How much would you like to find that voice? More good news-it's easier than you think.

On this course, Voice Teacher & Storyteller Giles Abbott will introduce you to your best voice. In one hour you'll hear yourself as never before & by the end of the workshop you will have learnt simple, repeatable exercises which can make theimprovements permanent.

Sign up now as places are limited. 

Giles Abbott took his MA in Voice Studies from Central School of Speech & Drama in 2004. He has been Lecturer in Voice for Birkbeck College, University of London, & has also taught at ALRA, Arts Ed., Drama Centre, Exeter University & has taught across UK & internationally.  

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Monday 27th March - 7:30pm

50 Shades of Grimm with Giles Abbott

Do you like dark, scary stories? Do you like sexy stories? Now you can have both. In 50 Shades Of Grimm, well-known stories from the Brothers Grimm are re-imagined for a modern audience. Suddenly, female characters are active–they know what they want and reach for it. Evoking the creepy, the sinister and the sensuous, master storyteller Giles Abbott, with his trademark poetic language and mesmeric voice, will take adult listeners on a breath-taking journey!

Brighton Storytellers bring the art of storytelling to venues and events around the city. This March we are thrilled to present acclaimed story teller Giles Abbott with his seductive take on the Grimm fairy tales. in 50 Shades of Grimm.

‘Gave us the Goddess but, even more, gave us male desire which was reverent, not sleazy’Alma, East Anglia Storytelling Festival

‘Giles did something I’ve never seen a storyteller do before because this was not bawdy or smutty but genuinely evoked two characters making love. Wonderful!’ Andy Jennings, East Anglia Storytelling Festival


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But what is storytelling?

Storytelling in its simplest form is the art and craft of telling a good tale, to a live, present audience
Human beings have been telling each other stories since cavemen first shared the tales of their hunt and dreamt of the spirits that granted food and water.
In the modern age, despite astounding developments in entertainment technology, storytelling is experiencing a revival. It is a co-creative art form, the story forming in between the teller's words and the listener's imagination.
Neuroscientific studies have uncovered a wealth of fascinating effects of listening to story, from paired neural coupling to affecting levels of oxytocin and dopamine release. Psychologists and psychotherapists have long used traditional tales and biographical storytelling to help their clients make sense of life experience and educators harnessed the engaging quality of a story to capture their students' attention. 
Whether you are drawn to storytelling from a love of myth, a fascination with the human voice, desire to hear a tale well told or an interest in the applications of the art and craft of story, come and visit a Brighton Storytellers event to experience it for yourself.


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